How To Set And Achieve Goals:  6 Tips To Achieve Your Goals In Life

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Close your eyes and imagine a life where all your goals gets accomplished.

A life where every dream you’ve ever had becomes a reality, and nothing stands in your way of being successful.

It’s a captivating thought, isn’t it.  

We all have goals and the desire to achieve something meaningful- something that speaks to the essence of who we are. 

But sometimes, obstacles can hinder us from becoming our best selves, whether it be doubt, finances, or lack of time.

I totally get it.  

Personally, I have always struggled from self doubt and have struggled to make my dreams a reality.  

In fact, prior to even starting my blog, I had written several blog posts and paid for my web hosting service and waited 6 months….yes, you read that right…6 months before my blog even went live.  

See, my goal in life is to be my own boss; to earn money from home and be financially free. My dream is to make this a reality and help others along the way to learn how to set and achieve their own goals as well.

If we keep getting bogged down with our day to day responsibilities, and keep pushing our dreams away, then you’ll never see your dream become a reality.

But it does’t have to be this way.  

This article is all about how to set and achieve goals. Here are my top tips for success, that I’m currently following as well to achieve my goals in life.  

1. Tips For Success- Dream Your Dreams & Organize Your Thoughts.

If you’re like me, you have so many aspirations and goals in life, but you get stuck on, not only what to do to achieve your dreams, but also which dream to focus on first.

For example, for me, I want to use my creativity to be my own boss.  I want to maximize time with my family and spend as much time together as possible. I also want to travel with my family, see new places and have new experiences.  I want financial freedom- no more mortgage payments or debt.  

 It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all your aspirations and dreams.  

Not knowing where to start can be discouraging, and can even seem unattainable.  At least for me, this is how I’ve always felt. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way.  You can turn your dreams into reality.  

One of my tips for success is to journal. By simply journaling, you document your goals in life by putting thoughts onto paper- And then your thought turn into a plan. (More on that later)

Journaling is a great way to help you achieve your goals in life.

It allows you to track your progress, reflect on your successes and missteps, and keep your motivation high.  

When you journal, write down your dreams and goals, as well as action steps to help you achieve them.  

This process can help you clarify your goals, identify any obstacles in your way and develop a plan to overcome them.  

Journaling can also be a great tool for keeping you accountable to yourself and can help you better understand yourself and how to reach your full potential.

I have created a FREE goal journal for you that includes a vision board, and weekly/ daily reflections pages that you can either print out or use digitally in GoodNotes or another note taking app of your choice. It come with a month worth of journaling. Sign up below!

2. Tips For Success- Visualize

Another tip for success is turn your dreams into a visualization by creating a vision board. 

Vision board are a great way to help manifest your dreams into reality.  

The idea is that by creating a visual representation of your goals, you can better focus on achieving them. 

This is one way how I set and achieve my goals.  

There are a few different ways to create a vision board.  

You can start by either finding pictures in magazines or printing out photos that represent your goals in life.  Once you have a collection of images, spend some time arranging them on a poster board or piece of paper.  As you’re placing the images, consider what they mean to you and how they fit into your overall vision for your life.  

Once you’re happy with the arrangement, glue or tape the images in place and hang your vision board somewhere you’ll see it often. Place is on the mirror, by your bed, or in the living room.  

Vision boards can be a fun and creative way to focus on your goals and bring your dreams to life.  

Alternatively, you can also create a digital vision board.  

I have a free vision board printable that you can print out and/or use in a note taking app like GoodNotes. Simply sign up below and get my free goal journal that includes a vision board, as well as weekly and daily reflection pages to journal your thoughts.  

If you prefer to use GoodNotes, you can take a screenshot of your vision board when you’re finished and save the image as your wallpaper to your computer or your phone. This way, as you look at it, you can imagine yourself achieving your goals in life and let it motivate you to take action.

3. Tips For Success: Use Positive Affirmations 

I know, sometimes self confidence can be easier said than done.  At least for me, this has always been the most difficult step in achieving my goals in life, but it truly is a crucial one.  

Confidence is essential to achieving any goal.  

Without it, you’ll never believe in yourself enough to take the necessary actions.  

One way to boost your confidence is through affirmations.  

Positive affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself in order to program your mind for success.  For example, if you’re trying to lose weight, you might say “I am healthy and I can do this” or “I am worthy of love and respect”.  

The key is to choose affirmations that resonate with you and that you can genuinely believe.  Repeating them on a daily basis will help you retain your mind and before long, you’ll start to see results.  

Download for free my positive affirmation cards  to start out.  Simply sign up below to download, and print the cards. 

Carry them with you all the time, place them on the mirror so you read them regularly, and place them on your nightstand so you read them before you sleep and when you wake up.  Use these cards to gain confidence and to start believing in yourself.  

Once you have that, the sky’s the limit.

4. Tips For Success: Make A Plan

Now is when you put your dreams into actionable steps that you can achieve your goals in life.  

One of the best ways to start achieving your dreams is by using a planner.  

This is another crucial step in how to set and achieve your goals. By breaking down your goals into actionable steps, and then scheduling time for those steps, you can increase your chances of success.  

Daily planners can be helpful for keeping track of small tasks that need to be done in order to reach your goal.  For example, if your dream is to start a business, your daily planner might include tasks such a research potential business ideas, create a business plan, or reach out to potential customers.  

Monthly planners can be used to track progress towards larger goals and help you stay on track. 

For example, if one of your goals is to save money; you could use a monthly planner to track how much money you’re putting away each month.  

By taking the time to plan out your dreams, you can increase your chances of making them a reality.  I have included (free) planners- daily, monthly, weekly- for you to use to start creating actionable steps towards your dream.  

Download and print or use them digitally in Goodnotes or another PDF editor.  

5. Tips For Success: Share Your Goals With Others  

When it comes to dreams and goals, people can be pretty tight-lipped.  After all, why share something that might not come to fruition?  

However, there are many benefits to telling others.  For one thing, it can help to hold you accountable.and motivated.It also allows you to receive encouragement and feedback from others.  

When you share your dreams and goals in life with others, it also allows them to understand you better and feel connected to you.  They may can help you in some way, either through guidance or just encouragement.  

By telling others about your dream, you are also telling yourself that you can follow your dreams.

6. Tips For Success: Enjoy the Journey & Be Patient

Take your time and enjoy the journey.  

Deciding to follow your dreams is a huge moment and every step is a step closer.  

Take time to learn whatever it is you’re doing and learn it well.  

This way you can not only achieve your goals in life faster, but you’ll gain the knowledge to help others in the process as well.  

Reward yourself along the way to celebrate your success.  Write your successes down on an affirmation card or in a journal so you will be reminded of your progress so far as you progress towards your goal.  

As easy as it may be to get discouraged when you hit a rough spot-don’t quit.  

Use your previous successes as motivation to push through.  Use any negative outcomes or experiences as a way to gain insight and to adjust.  

Dreams and goals provide a sense of purpose, but they’re not the only thing that can help us achieve our best selves.   

Belief is ourselves is key as well as taking some time to enjoy the journey.  

Follow these steps in how to set and achieve goals and you  will create an actionable plan, that will help you achieve your goals in life.  

You’ve got this! 

Which of these tips for success resonated with you the most? Do you have any other ideas to help our community? Leave me a comment below!

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